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I had a phone call today about taking a class to up my in-home studio production. The course is expensive, and they car salesmen tactics on me. With that said, I'm not sure they would be able to pay off that many people to testify that they have found clients. I don't really care if I have to do some mixing/mastering work to get a free income. I'd rather do that than do nothing. It'll only help me get better at my own art.

The issue comes with the fact that, everything their students put out is soulless. Maybe they are just NPC's following the algorithm. I could hijack the algorithm. I could be the shot of life that take it over.

I will hijack the algorithm and be the shot of life that takes it over. There are bold possibilities given to me. They spend a lot of money on advertising. I'm not sure how legitimate it really is. It smells like all the other internet classes that promise you how to do Amazon drop shipping, or pick up women, or be a content creator. Maybe not as bad, but it&aposs utilizing the same tactics. (Is that just the world we live in now?)

The free stuff offered has been very valuable so far though, so maybe it's not uncouth. I just want honest feedback as I work on stuff. But for 5 grand I could just go to a studio and come out with something super high quality. Would I learn all the mixing stuff I want to do that full time? Maybe not, but I could get enough on my own for dreampunk (dreamo?) to work well enough. Then set up a studio as a producer and hire out engineers (or do that myself as well.)

We shall see, I may have to split and separate aspects of my personality. Create new personas to craft what I'm envisioning.